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01-30-2014 10:32:27 PM MST
International and WCC scholarship information has been posted. Pass on to anyone you feel is qualified.

Jason D'Elia   jdelia208@gmail.com
01-28-2014 1:47:04 PM MST
Hey Blue Nights...I'm the President of the Green Knights Chapter 119 out of Gowen Field. I was hoping we could join your club in the Hope House ride. Can someone let me know by emai or phone if that's ok? 921-9360...thank you in advance

01-03-2014 12:31:53 PM MST
New Road Captain Tip just posted. Enjoy!

01-02-2014 6:32:50 PM MST
Ride Calendar meeting JB's Jan 11 8am "be there or be square"

12-28-2013 6:55:14 PM MST
Christmas party pics have been uploaded. Enjoy.

12-25-2013 10:31:19 AM MST
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I have to get the photos to Rich so he can put them on the website. Sorry for the delay.

12-23-2013 2:07:45 PM MST
Where are the christmas party pictures

12-08-2013 11:52:51 PM MST
Don't forget Christmas Party at Will's house Dec 14 at 6 pm.

12-05-2013 4:11:15 PM MST
December safety tip has been posted. Enjoy.

11-10-2013 11:42:33 AM MST
And all that food for just $7! Lock had to take some of it home.

11-09-2013 4:35:26 PM MST

Try again 3rd reason

11-09-2013 4:33:48 PM MST
Third reason!

11-09-2013 4:32:16 PM MST

Two reasons to love todays ride.

11-09-2013 5:29:47 AM MST

Yeah Baby!

11-08-2013 10:25:05 AM MST
Check out Will's article on Web page under Road Captain's report!! Awesome travel log . He's doing things and going places I only day dream about. :)

11-04-2013 1:07:15 PM MST

I guess I have to be square. I will be teaching a class that day, so you guys enjoy the ride! I am looking forward to the festivities at the Christmas Party!!!

11-03-2013 8:28:59 AM MST
Chapter ride Nov 9th 0930 usual location. "Be there or be square"

10-15-2013 5:43:30 PM MST

Last Saturdays Rider Down Ride.

10-10-2013 6:09:04 AM MST
Adam and are teaching a STAR class this weekend, so you guys and gals enjoy the ride Saturday! Sorry I can't make it :-( It's a good cause and this is a great club!

10-06-2013 1:31:23 PM MST
I don't know who's ranked and who's not...just trying to fire up the BSU fans....

10-06-2013 7:48:22 AM MST

Rider Down Ride and Raffle OCT 12 usual location meet 0900 wheels up at 0915

10-03-2013 7:17:43 AM MST
As Rodney King stated " Can't we just all get along"

09-30-2013 3:22:32 PM MST
Will F...OFF USC just fired their coach. Are they ranked? NOPE

09-30-2013 8:19:48 AM MST
I feel so happy for all you BSU fans. Your team won against the 123 rated offense and 115th rated defense-- Yay!

09-25-2013 11:44:59 AM MST
Don't wear your Boise gear!! Go under cover.

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