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11-09-2013 5:29:47 AM MST

Yeah Baby!

11-08-2013 10:25:05 AM MST
Check out Will's article on Web page under Road Captain's report!! Awesome travel log . He's doing things and going places I only day dream about. :)

11-04-2013 1:07:15 PM MST

I guess I have to be square. I will be teaching a class that day, so you guys enjoy the ride! I am looking forward to the festivities at the Christmas Party!!!

11-03-2013 8:28:59 AM MST
Chapter ride Nov 9th 0930 usual location. "Be there or be square"

10-15-2013 5:43:30 PM MST

Last Saturdays Rider Down Ride.

10-10-2013 6:09:04 AM MST
Adam and are teaching a STAR class this weekend, so you guys and gals enjoy the ride Saturday! Sorry I can't make it :-( It's a good cause and this is a great club!

10-06-2013 1:31:23 PM MST
I don't know who's ranked and who's not...just trying to fire up the BSU fans....

10-06-2013 7:48:22 AM MST

Rider Down Ride and Raffle OCT 12 usual location meet 0900 wheels up at 0915

10-03-2013 7:17:43 AM MST
As Rodney King stated " Can't we just all get along"

09-30-2013 3:22:32 PM MST
Will F...OFF USC just fired their coach. Are they ranked? NOPE

09-30-2013 8:19:48 AM MST
I feel so happy for all you BSU fans. Your team won against the 123 rated offense and 115th rated defense-- Yay!

09-25-2013 11:44:59 AM MST
Don't wear your Boise gear!! Go under cover.

09-24-2013 10:18:57 PM MST
Win or lose I cheer them on. I've been a fan since the 70s when they had nothing. Fresno State was a ranked team. I am planning on traveling to the Utah State game next month, where I will have to sit in the Utah section since the BSU tickets are SOLD OUT. I saw USC barely beat Utah State.

09-23-2013 6:35:34 PM MST
I haven't heard much from the BSU fans in the club this year...could it be a 50/50 record and a non-ranked team has taken the wind out of your sails??? On the upside, I hear tickets are cheap this year!!!

09-18-2013 6:13:17 PM MST
Yah baby!! It was good. So was the company.

09-18-2013 3:48:08 PM MST

A good ride to lunch today in Weiser with Woody and Dave. Was a little cool but not too bad. I thought we would try a new place, Homestead Cafe. The food was very good and should be a destination for a future club ride. Dave and Woody ordered the same burger and it was so big Dave could only eat half. Of course you know Woody, he laid waste to it.

09-14-2013 1:31:30 PM MST

Super ride today with great company!!! Idaho City was a great place to be today.

09-14-2013 6:54:57 AM MST
Glad you boys are having a good trip, and enjoying some rain. Keep the shiny side up.

09-12-2013 7:41:40 AM MST

September's monthly tip will be late due to my vacation. Look for it next week! This is a view of Boston from the 52nd floor of the Prudential Building.

09-11-2013 3:51:14 PM MST
Ride this Sat is to Idaho city. Meet at 0830, wheels up at 0845 usual meeting place. "Be there or be square".

John Shanks, NLEOMF
09-09-2013 7:43:41 AM MST
John Shanks, BK Virginia II and Director, Law Enforcement Relations at the Natonal Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. I will be in Boise this coming weekend and looking for a motorcycle rental as I would like to ride on Sunday, Sept 15th. Also any advice on where to ride, or if anyone is available to show a fellow BK a great ride. Please feel free to contact me at or 202-737-8529. I look forward to visiting Idaho and getting out to ride.

09-07-2013 8:25:10 PM MST

Here is a picture of Guy and I on top of Battie Mountain in Camden, Maine

Will and Guy
09-02-2013 9:31:07 AM MST
We rode Hwy 1 on the Maine coast yesterday to Owl's Head. Went to a really cool transportation museum where they were having a vintage motorcycle and antique airplane show. It was a beautiful sunny day. Today is raining and is expected to rain all day and not letting up until later tomorrow. We traded the camp ground for a dry motel room.

08-30-2013 8:57:32 PM MST

Guy and I are having a great ride. We would say if you weren't all a bunch of pansies you would be here, but we wouldn't want to offend anyone, so for get what we just said. We have made it to St. Johnsbury, Vermont and will be in Bar Harbor, Maine tomorrow--eating Lobster and drinking beer! This was the view we had from our campsite on Lake Michigan.

08-22-2013 10:27:46 AM MST
Will and Guy left early this morning on their 3 week adventure. Enjoy the ride boys! Wish I was going!

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