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05-19-2013 8:42:53 AM MST
Spud Run this weekend. Check your email for dates and times of the two day event.

05-17-2013 7:47:56 AM MST
Blue Knights raised $1,590.00 for the Hope House!! Thanks to all those that volunteered their time. Each attendee was challenged to bring one new person next year for the 25th Anniversary of the Hope House Ride. Our goal next year will be to raise $2,500.00 for the 25th Anniversary!

05-16-2013 12:34:14 PM MST

Dirty Harry
05-16-2013 8:27:19 AM MST
The Hope House rides are listed and dated incorrectly

05-16-2013 8:24:43 AM MST
We definitely need some more pics, but the ones Rich put up should make you trikers happy. I will be working on my video shortly and get is posted as soon as possible.

05-15-2013 7:19:10 PM MST
I have posted some pics to the Rides page. If you took some pictures and want to forward them to me, I will see about getting them uploaded.

05-12-2013 9:40:31 PM MST

David Myer took his Dad to the Hope House Ride!

05-11-2013 5:16:49 PM MST
Hope House was a real success today. A good time was had by all today, especially the "kids". Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.!!!Lot's of pics were taken and will be posted to the Ride Pics section of the website.

05-10-2013 10:05:22 PM MST
I second that Kevin!!!!

05-10-2013 6:56:07 AM MST

Congrats to Dixon on his promotion at the Guard to E-8! Nice work Kevin!

05-08-2013 9:52:06 PM MST
Don'i forget the Hope House Ride this Sat. Meet 0730 At High Desert Harley Davidson.

Kevin   dixon2853@msn.com
04-26-2013 3:15:10 PM MST
Club BBQ 17 Aug'13. 1900 hrs. (give the day time to cool down). bring your tent and campout. drink some whiskey and smoke cigars around the camp fire. ( I don't make breakfast in the morning though)

04-26-2013 11:20:23 AM MST
The below post is reference the Hope House Ride

04-26-2013 11:19:36 AM MST

We still need prizes for the raffle drawing at lunch!! Let me know what you are rounding up.

May Preride meeting tomorrow
04-26-2013 8:50:26 AM MST
8am JB's Meridian and I-84

04-17-2013 7:40:35 AM MST
I can assit him if no one else has responded.

04-16-2013 5:28:55 PM MST
Please see the email I sent out earlier today regarding a BK member in Canada asking for help in retrieving a package from Cabela's. If you can help out, please reply back to me so I can let him know.

04-16-2013 2:26:19 PM MST
Woody...sorry bro I guess joking and kidding around with you on the message board isn't allowed. I should have realized sarcasm could be misinterpreted by some. I'll get off this site and go back to more serious pursuits. Life is too short for shenanigans def. (clowning around) Time to ride straight and park straight....

04-15-2013 1:49:10 PM MST
Members of our Chapter to include new members are okay to wear the black vest. Like Woody said, we are Grandfathered. Since Geoff hasn't been riding with us he must have a lot of time to sit around and pick things apart.

04-15-2013 12:08:01 PM MST
Orchard House ride pics posted on the "Ride Pics" page. If you were able to attend and took pictures, please get them to me so they can be uploaded as well. Thought there would be pics of the food!

04-14-2013 10:50:53 AM MST
I think our Geoff is being held hostage and the negative comments are a coded message for his rescue!! Or else the "Geoff" posting is an Iron Warrior.

04-14-2013 9:24:41 AM MST
Who is this Geoff guy who keeps posting on our message board? We used to have a member by the name of Geoff but he quit riding a looong time ago. This new guy just seems to like to armchair quarterback. He doesn't need to worry about what color the vests are since he would only have to wear one if he rode, and we know that ain't a hapnin'.

04-13-2013 2:58:29 PM MST

Orchard House Ride

04-13-2013 2:38:39 PM MST
12 people on ride today. Rick did an awesome job of leading. However I don't think I could ever duplicate the route we took. It was great. Food was good at Orchard House except they forgot to bring Rick's order.

04-12-2013 9:31:58 AM MST
1%ers prefer black vest..true but the other 99% prefer black too and they are just riders not 1%ers. Still think it's butt ugly color. Anyone under age 65 will hate that color.

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