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01-01-2016 8:42:50 PM MST
That's awesome Dave! I look forward to seeing it as soon as I can get my bike out of the driveway.

Dave Meyer
12-28-2015 10:58:01 AM MST

High Desert Harley had a drawing for a new leather Jacket. In case you entered the drawing and wondered who won it...well, I did! Here are the photos. Dave

09-14-2015 3:43:16 PM MST
Thanks to our Vice President Ken we had a great ride on Saturday. We didn't miss a corn field from Boise to Payette! Had another great burger at Cook's 2 Hole Bar and Grill in Melba. Thanks to Ken, Margie, Ed and Dave for riding on Saturday. Sorry everyone else couldn't make the ride...hope for more next month. I wanted to also thank Ken for stepping up so well with last month and this month's rides since Will had some personal commitments. It is important that all the work not be placed on the Chapter President but great to know that the other officers and members will step in and lead some great rides and events. Thanks again Ken!

09-02-2015 10:26:39 PM MST
Once the pic was posted I saw it was hard to read. It says "SONS OF ARTHRITIS" "IBUPROFEN CHPTR"

08-21-2015 9:12:15 PM MST

This photo won a 2nd place ribbon in the Hero's category at the Western Idaho Fair this year. Will and Randy are lead.

06-09-2015 7:50:39 AM MST
Our 4 day ride to Bend was one awesome weekend. We had 12 total. Good rides, good friends and good food! Pictures will be coming soon.

05-10-2015 11:52:14 AM MST

Hope House ride yesterday!!Great day to ride.

05-03-2015 8:49:15 PM MST
Good to have you back Woody!

04-14-2015 8:26:31 PM MST
Another new tag photo was added this morning. What are you waiting for? Where are all the participants?

04-12-2015 4:12:07 PM MST
I think there's is a conspiracy going on in the tag game......

04-09-2015 9:16:05 PM MST
If you are following the Tag forum, it has just been shown how time is of the essence. Jake missed it by just that much. Better luck next time....

04-09-2015 10:30:08 AM MST
Lots of action going on in the tag game forum. If you haven't logged in for a while, now's the time. A new tag photo is coming. If you haven't registered yet, get to it.

03-24-2015 12:18:53 PM MST
Woody, they have to be ordered on the BK Facebook page by sending a personal message on Facebook to the Texas chapter president doing the badges.

03-24-2015 8:00:59 AM MST
Looks awesome I will have to get one of those! Looks like Ken's LAPD badge.

03-23-2015 3:12:22 PM MST

Just got my Blue Knights badge and it looks great.

03-22-2015 9:12:05 PM MST
For those following the TAG game, Will's original tag has been bagged. A new TAG has been posted so get on your bikes and get out there. If you haven't registered for the game, get to it and have some fun!

03-22-2015 8:21:43 PM MST
It's too bad you couldn't make it. The weather was awesome! We took the long Emmett loop and had a great ride!

03-21-2015 8:58:25 PM MST
You guys sure had a great day for a ride. I was really itching to go but knew I better not.

03-21-2015 8:56:32 PM MST
Woody, is it possible to lighten up an HD? Aren't they made out of lead?

Matty   enews@idahomotorcycleshow.com

Greetings Blue Knights! We wanted to make sure you knew about the upcoming Idaho Motorcycle Show and Sale on April 17-19 at Expo Idaho. We invite the Blue Knights to attend as individuals or as a group. You are even welcome to have a booth at the show to encourage awareness of your group if interested. Learn more about our show at idahomotorcycleshow (dot) com.

Harry   Kindelberger31@gmailcom
03-15-2015 5:55:11 PM MST
I just looked at the Harley shrine Woody posted a while back. I thought it was the old Boise County jai.

03-15-2015 4:14:53 PM MST

No the bike is if anything being lighten up to deal with all the surgeries.

03-14-2015 9:57:11 PM MST
Holy crap that's a lot of crap! I wonder what kind of motorcycle is underneath all that stuff?

03-07-2015 12:26:13 PM MST

This will be Woody in 5 years, well, if he ever gets thru his endless surgeries and rides again.

03-01-2015 10:32:56 AM MST

Some forget this.

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