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08-28-2014 2:17:59 PM MST

Scott Cagle honored us with his presence on today's ride. He finally got wise and got rid of the solid rear axle HD trike and bought a new independent rear suspension Goldwing trike. It was a very good ride in nice cool weather to a good inexpensive restaurant.

08-27-2014 10:01:08 PM MST

Rich and I took a gnarly KLR ride last weekend. We rode from Boise to Warm Lake, all dirt. We opted for a motorcycle only trail north of Silver Creek Plunge that turned out to be a goat trail most of the way!

08-27-2014 9:58:59 PM MST
Nice pics Rick! I saw the one of your first car, the yellow one. HAHA!! I bet you wish it was yours now!

08-22-2014 10:08:29 PM MST

Conference? What conference?

08-22-2014 4:25:23 PM MST
So how was the conference?

08-10-2014 11:11:55 AM MST
Hey, that picture was at Johnny's Bar & Grill in Hollister, CA.

08-10-2014 7:05:55 AM MST

Marlon Brando has nothing on Adam!

08-10-2014 7:04:53 AM MST

Here's a shot of World Superbike Racers coming into turn 4 at Laguna Seca

08-10-2014 7:01:44 AM MST
We had a great ride Saturday! Overall ride time was about 4 1/2 hours including riding and visiting with friends.

08-09-2014 12:39:36 PM MST

Jordan Valley ride.

08-09-2014 12:37:47 PM MST

Six of us had a nice cool ride to Jordan Valley for breakfast.

07-26-2014 11:19:10 AM MST

I saw this in Idaho Falls this week.

07-26-2014 11:17:06 AM MST

I have found Woody's new ride. It is something he should be familiar with as he probably rode one in WWII while he was a messenger with the Russian army. You can still buy these surplus bikes.

06-14-2014 10:10:17 AM MST
Bend pictures have been posted. Great ride and really cool location.

06-07-2014 12:09:11 PM MST
Margie and I had a great ride today. Thanks Margie!!

05-30-2014 2:50:35 PM MST
I just updated the Rides page. The "Fun Run on Fire" charity ride will be held on June 21 to benefit Nampa Families affected by fire tragedy. A link to their website is included. I also updated the start time for the Bend trip on June 6th. We will be meeting at 7am.

05-29-2014 10:16:24 PM MST
Spud Run pictures are posted. Still looking for pictures from the Mystery Ride.... anyone?

05-27-2014 5:40:44 PM MST
DEMO rides at High Desert Harley Davidson this Saturday! See you there.

05-13-2014 5:33:27 PM MST
Hope House pictures posted today. I still need some from the Mystery Ride last month! Someone please send me anything they have.

05-10-2014 9:21:13 PM MST

Great day today!!

05-08-2014 9:29:01 AM MST
I have updated the Links page with two new sites. Both are listed under the Miscellaneous section: Accident Scene Management and Motorcycle Insurance Reviews. Both are good reads. Check them out.

05-03-2014 12:16:18 AM MST
May Road Captain report has been posted. Be sure to check it out.

04-21-2014 11:41:02 AM MST
New Road Captain report has been uploaded! Be sure to check it out.

04-21-2014 10:39:38 AM MST

Donn and I at The Nick Schlader Benefit ride.

04-18-2014 9:52:47 AM MST
Another great midweek ride yesterday. Thanks Rick!!

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