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If you are new to motorcycling, coming back from an extended hiatus, or just getting the bike out from its winter hibernation, you should check out the Idaho STAR Program website.  The site is loaded with great information for riders of all abilities.  Idaho STAR even allows you to download their class workbooks to allow you to study before the class starts.  Check them out:

Click Here   Basic I/II
Click Here   Experienced Course
Click Here   Precision Riding Clinic

There are several new courses : Introduction to Riding, Cornering Skills Practice, and Braking Skills Practice.

All three new courses are three-hour sessions; no classroom portion, no tests. Tuition is $35 per course.

Course info taken from their recent newsletter:

The idea of the Introduction to Riding class was brought up by some Basic I students who felt they would have benefited from a slower-paced practice on the range and from those who were especially nervous about being on a bike for the first time. We have applied the same principles as the "KickStart" does (the program in Washington that developed the course). You can watch a video about the "KickStart" here, or visit our Introduction to Riding webpage for more information or to register. We provide motorcycles and helmets for this class.

The Braking Skills Practice and the Cornering Skills Practice were designed with Idaho's motorcycle fatality data in mind (73-75% of motorcycle fatalities in Idaho are associated with rider error). The idea for both Skills Practice courses is that riders (yes - experienced and veteran riders, too) will benefit from learning or refreshing specific life-saving skills to avoid crashes.

Both courses are designed for fully endorsed riders with current street-riding experience. You need to bring your own bike.