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Chapter News

​​3/30/17  Margies biopsy report came back negative so now she is recovering from the operation and just has to watch her thyroid levels. Awesome news!!!






Nov 19, 2017 Minutes of the Blue Knights  Annual Meeting


A chapter meeting was held at the Starbucks at 1870 S. Meridian Rd. The meeting had been announced by interim President Adam Babbitt on Nov. 12, 2017, via email, indicating the topics of the meeting were whether to disband the chapter, and if not, to elect officers for 2018. Twelve members were present:

President Adam Babbitt

Vice President Ken Robinson

Secretary/Treasurer Rick Murphy

Director Keith Miller

Dave Meyer

Steve Lord

Will Stoy

Guy Horner

Mark Page

Mike Lock

Kevin Dixon

Woody Sturm


The meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM by President Babbitt.


The first order of business was to discuss the status of the chapter, whether to continue or terminate. The pros and cons were discussed and it was decided to keep the chapter functioning if members would step up and fill the chapter officer positions, Babbitt was not going to run for election. Mike Lock volunteered to assume the position of president, there were no other candidates. A vote was taken and Lock was elected. The vice president’s position was discussed next. Ken Robinson stated he would continue in the position if no one else wanted to fill it. Kevin Dixon stated he would like to fill the position. A vote was taken and Dixon was elected. The next position brought up was the secretary/treasurer. Rick Murphy advised he would continue in that position and no one else indicated they were interested in filling it. Upon discussing the directors positions Robinson, Meyer and Miller volunteered to fill these positions

and were so elected. Woody Sturm stated he will continue to fill the appointed position of webmaster.



2018 Election Results

President  -Mike Lock

Vice President  - Kevin Dixon

Secretary / Treasurer  - Rick Murphy

Board of Directors  - Keith Miller, David Meyer, Ken Robinson

Past President - Woody Sturm

Web Master- Woody Sturm


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